Decisions, Decisions

Powerball, Mega-Millions, Instant Scratch lottery games, Pick 3, Pick 4, Lotto

and more. There’s a dizzying array of choices when it comes to spending your lottery dollar.

Inside The Lottery will guide you so you can make smart choices, rather than simply picking a game to play because of its name, color or artwork. We will analyze the best and the mediocre instant games, looking at the percentage of payout, prize distributions, odds, and number of prizes remaining. We will make definitive recommendations for games to play and games to avoid.

Penny scratch

Much of the focus will be on instant scratch games. Why? Scratch games are the most tightly controlled games a lottery has. Scratch games are the “least random” product a lottery offers so if you understand how they work, you can start to see patterns and learn when to buy, and more importantly, when to AVOID certain games.

Here’s a little sample:

First, try to purchase your tickets at an independently owned convenience store, news shop or liquor store.  Why?  The owners are usually the ones selling the tickets and they see everything that happens throughout the day.

Like many things in life, developing relationships with the person selling you the ticket is very important.  Ask questions like, “Have you sold any good winners out of this $10 game pack?”  If the answer is “Yes we sold a $100 winner out of it this morning” then AVOID that pack like the plague. There are no more big winners in the pack. 

Am I sure?  Absolutely!  Why?  A thing called
…(I’ll reveal the name later)

More on that and how to determine what the key prizes in a specific game are will be coming later. I promise to work on my information every week. Some will be in booklet form, so be a bit patient. In the meantime I’ll start to focus on specific games to buy and avoid, giving the reasons why.