Indiana Gulf War vet wins $1 million from lottery

A Gulf War veteran from Valparaiso Indians won $1 million last Friday from the Hoosier Lottery's Lucky Millionaire second-chance promotion according to

Chris Ziegler, a father of four, was one of five randomly selected finalists eligible to win the $1 million prize. Ziegler was also a finalist in the previous Lucky Millionaire drawing in September 2012. He kept entering his non-winning tickets into the second-chance drawing . In January, one of his entries was drawn, giving him a place in Friday's $1 million drawing.

"Everything happens for a reason," said Chris's wife Amy. "By not winning the first time, it feels that much more surreal."

Ziegler currently works as an EMT on an ambulance. He has four children, ages two to 15.

"Right now, I'm just trying to comprehend it. It feels amazing to know that we'll have that much money to take care of things, that the kids will be taken care of," Ziegler said.

Amy, an emergency room RN, says the couple will still work full-time.

The couple said they plan to meet with a financial advisor before they purchase a house and pay off cars.
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Good for them! Second chance drawing are a good way to win a substantial prize with usually better odds than on the regular game. They are doing the right thing by meeting with financial advisors before spending any of the money.

You will definitely want to seek financial advice if you win either of the multi state lottery games.

$260,000,000 est
Cash Option:$161,100,000

$13,000,000 est
Cash Option:$9,500,000